Wednesday, May 20, 2015

RV friends with casinos? You bet!

Players club cards
I’ve collected many things in my life: stamps, baseball cards (when I was a kid), souvenir wine glasses (but only if I liked the wine)…but one thing I never thought I’d have a collection of was casino players club cards.

I’ve never been much of a gambler, so I never bothered with players club cards. Then I became a full-time RVer. Casinos became a favorite stopping place when we were on the road. And not just to gamble, either.

Casinos are good places for RVers to stay overnight. Free. Some casinos have specially designated parking lots for self-contained RVs; some parking lots are paved, with spaces outlined in white lines. Others can be just dirt or gravel fields. Some casinos offer shuttle service between the RV parking lot and the casino.

Some casinos limit RV parking to players club members; others don’t care, but look upon their freeloading guests more favorably if they belong to the casino’s players club.

Players club memberships are free; many come with benefits, like $5 in free play or discounts at a casino restaurant. If we’re boondocking at a casino, we’ll usually eat at least one meal there, maybe spend a couple of bucks in slot machines.

If we have a choice of boondocking at a casino or a truck stop, we’ll go for the casino every time. We tried a truck stop one time and only one time, because we were tired and couldn’t find any RV parks or casinos. The only overnight parking was at the entrance, and trucks coming and going all night made it impossible to sleep. At 4 a.m., we said the heck with it and got back on the road.



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