Monday, August 4, 2014

The joys of saving money

As RVers on a budget, we are always looking for ways to save money on our excellent adventure.

We've found numerous easy ways to save money on groceries, eating out, gasoline and RV parks.

Of course, this means we prefer tourist attractions that are free or low cost, and always ask for senior discounts. And then we hit Tucson where some of the attractions we especially wanted to see cost upwards of $20 per person, fees that our budget can't handle.

Luckily, the Tucson Visitor Center is making it possible for us to see everything we want to see here. The center offers an attractions passport that it calls the Book of Fun. The pocket-sized booklet costs $18 and offers one free admission with one paid admission.  It paid for itself on the very first attraction we visited after buying it. We've used it other times and plan to use it a few more times so we're money ahead. The visitor center told us it was only good on regular adult admission, but we always ask for the senior rate and get it.

The passport is good for most major attractions in Tucson, as well as some in Tombstone and Bisbee. When an attraction already has free admission, it usually offers a discount at the gift shop instead.

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