Thursday, January 24, 2013

RV there yet?

No, we're not quite there yet, but soon we will be. "There" is anywhere in the United States that has warmer winters than we have in Eastern Washington. Right now it's freezing outside. Icy. Probably some more snow is in the forecast. Brrrrrrr.........

But we won't be snowbirds like so many retirees are, spending winter in the southern warmer climes and summers in their northern homes. Instead, we plan to live full time in our RV.  Address: anywhere it's warm in the winter. And we'll see the USA along the way. If we find a place we like, we'll stay for a few weeks or months or maybe even settle permanently.

Our plans are fluid. We're putting our house up for sale soon. As soon as it sells, we're outta here. Our new home will be a 28-foot travel trailer.

This blog will chronicle our experiences for family and friends, as well as anyone else who's interested. There's no set schedule right now for writing it, but it will be regular once we get on the road. Until then, I'll write sporadically about our preparations for this excellent adventure we plan to take.

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